• RE/MAX is Global:

    RE/MAX Indonesia will provide structured training facilities to the Marketing Associate with the best trainers through classroom training, online training and mentoring directly about the challenges and practices in the field. Marketing associate RE/MAX Indonesia will continue to be equipped with the latest information and knowledge through seminars and advanced training in order to become qualified marketing associate

  • Leader Real Estate Network worldwide

    Across the world, a network of RE/MAX is in more than 100 countries and supported more than 120,000 Marketing Associate. With the power of this network, RE/MAX became the leader in world-class real estate industry. Together with RE/MAX, you have the opportunity to expand its business, not only nationally, even internationally.

  • Entrepreneurial Self Concept

    RE / MAX has a core of independent entrepreneurship because this business is all yours. But you are not alone, because RE/MAX will provide support, training and attention from the first moment of your office operations. RE/MAX Indonesia is ready to give advice for your property needs.

  • Technology Excellence

    Technology RE/MAX encourage business opportunities in Marketing Associate you. This technology is designed so that the user-friendly and can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the Marketing Associate. Technology through RE/MAX, you have access to the fastest and accurate information, which will support your business goals.

  • Education and Training Structured

    RE/MAX Indonesia offers a wide range of training, mentoring programs as a means of training for Marketing Associate and can be a recruitment advantage for your business. In addition, the RE/MAX Indonesia also have access to the RE/MAX University provides a wide range of visual training materials on a wide range of aspects of real estate. Through a structured and ongoing training, you can generate a reliable Marketing Associate to jointly achieve success in the property business.

  • Support Recruitment to Business Owner

    RE/MAX Indonesia understand that the recruitment of Associate Marketing is the most important aspect in the property business so RE/MAX Indonesia provides various means of support to help you recruit Marketing Associate reliable and make them into a classy Marketing Associate.

  • With RE/MAX, Everybody Wins

    RE/MAX was the best colleague you in achieving success in the property business. RE/MAX is committed to providing full support in a professional manner to you as a business partner. You are part of a large family of RE/MAX Indonesia, so that your success will be the success of RE/MAX Indonesia.

Start Up Training

You will follow a training program the best that this industry has to offer. You'll start with a 4-5 day orientation and in-depth training sessions on the RE/MAX Center in Jakarta. You will also have the advantage of on-site training, so Franchise Office operates.

Ongoing Training

The advantage that you will gain by having Franchise RE/MAX is not limited to access to continuing training for you and your agency. RE/MAX University offers more than 1,000 hours of training modules, online, as per your requirement. All this material to encourage improved performance at every level, both Marketing Associate, team leader and business owner. The more often you follow the training, the greater your chances increase revenue.

Sustainable Support

As long as you become part of a large family of RE/MAX, you will have access and support, both locally, regionally and nationally, ranging from online training to direct face to face consultation.

Why do you just walk slowly, when you can run faster?

RE/MAX is present for you and accompany you in order to more quickly achieve your goals and big dreams in the real estate industry.

When you join a brand RE/MAX has worldwide, you will be part of a large family of RE/MAX has won the trust of the public.

Moreover, you will be supported by competent resource, to help recruit and Marketing Associate makes your office more professional.

RE/MAX supports you run a business that fits the needs of your organization, from the time of planning, marketing, up to office operations. RE/MAX role is to encourage the recruitment and training of potential agents to maximize the overall performance of your organization. At RE/MAX, good performance gives inspiration and positive energy for overall organizational performance.

RE/MAX understand that if you have the talent, ability, and aided by a strong determination, you will be easier to learn and understand the business overall.